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According to Central Ohio's largest school district there are substantial gaps in academic achievement among the different groups of students at every level of Ohio's educational system; especially for students that are from economically challenged households.
Research shows the Top 3 benefits of listening to positive music: 
1)  Energy & Performance - positive music improves self-esteem, your mood and productivity.  
2)  Stress Relief - listening to positive, upbeat music is a great way to eliminate fatigue and decrease mental depression. 
3)  Memory & Learning - studies show that enjoyable music can aid in concentration and memory performance.  
So Alive & Vibrant Events was created to engage, encourage, edify, educate and entertain our global community to become better members of society.  SAVE chooses to serve our community directly through education, work-force development, fundraising, charitable donations by delivering positive and professional event experiences. We provide businesses and corporate organizations an easy way to receive exceptional talent acquisition through SAVE Concert's services!
We are a faith based organization that chooses to use the vehicle of positive music to lead high school students, young and older adults to discipleship in Jesus, through Christ-centered music through our digital station called SAVE Radio. Our focus is to lead each person into becoming a servant leader by demonstrating with our actions how each person can choose to positively impact their community once decision at a time. This responsibility of being a positive role model, giving back to our community, volunteering, raising monies for others who are less fortunate and encouraging students to achieve higher academic success while graduating from school is a important way to strengthen our society.
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