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SERVICES for SAVE Club Fundraising



What are the Benefits?

If your school chooses to have a Fundraiser, there is NO money upfront!  There's absolutely no cost to start your Concert/Party Event fundraiser.  We will provide the Concert Tour series promotional forms such as: SAVE color posters and SAVE color photo flyers with complete concert details.


Our promotional material will show your customers everything they need to know about your school's "Positive Party with a Purpose!"

How does it work?

1.  Email us at:


2.  Have all participants of your school or group to promote their event to friends & students through a designated online ticketing website that will be designed especially for your school's club event.


3.  A SAVE representative will drop off all concert promotional items such as mini postcards, posters and flyers so that each participant can pass out the information that promotes their school's fundraiser to their customers.

4.  Once the "official" sales are in & the processing fees have been assessed, your group sales will be totaled up to determine the percentage of final order ticket sales that will be delivered to your school. The remaining monies will be paid to the SAVE productions team in order to put on your First Class Event.


5.  Your school will have one of the Best SAVE Concert experiences - ever! 



Why SAVE Fundraising?

Every school, club and parent association is always looking for a successful and very unique way on raising significant monies for their students.


We will provide: An Emcee (Host), a Dee Jay, Photographer, Musical Acts, Staging, Sound Engineer and a National Recording Artist to perform as a main attraction.


We have over 30 years of working experience in promoting college education and 10 plus years in marketing music concert events; we blend the perfect note on motivating students to seek academic achievement, graduation, post-secondary education success and community involvement through our vehicle of positive musical entertainment.

Email Us Now, so that your student's club can have the most fun fundraiser in the World!
Concert Ticket Sales Percentage Breakdown

Ticket Prices              Tickets Sold              Percentage              Your Profit Ranges

                                                                     $20                          Minimum 350                        30%                             $2,150 - $2,994

                                                                     $20                               500 - 999                            35%                            $4,500 - $11,000+

                                                                     $20                                 1,000+                               40%                                    $12,000+



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