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S.A.V.E. club

Servant Leadership * Problem Solving * Empowerment



The name of your future school organization shall be known as the Socially Active Volunteers with Excellence Club.  Each SAVE Club will be rooted and grounded in the biblical values and teachings of Jesus Christ. We recognize the tremendous impact that Jesus made on His disciples and the world of mankind, therefore each club and its members are to properly model the actions, thoughts and vision of God as it pertains to Christ.


We encourage every student to engage in positive social activities that address needs that can be met within the student body and our local community. Our evaluation of service to our community (and others) will be "measured by the benefit of those WE SERVE" and not by the acknowledgements that one may receive from a person or other organizations. Each Club will be tasked to organically build the following:  Build From Within, Build Long-term Relationships/Partnership and Build Community Independence.


The Advantages of being a SAVE Club member and receiving support from SAVE concerts are the following: Training, Consultation, Mentorship, Biblical Teaching and Fundraising Concerts. If you or your school may have any questions about starting a New SAVE Club at your school, then please email us at:

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